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  • Press Release 04/2016

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    • MATE@SEA GmbH founded in Hamburg/Germany
    • Sales and production of maritime equipment solutions
    • Sales and marketing of innovative ship and platform designs
    • Comprehensive industry know-how and high technical expertise
    • First contract signed with heavy lift shipping and transport company

    Descriptively, MATE@SEA represents the companion at sea. Explicitly it is the dependable equipment that services the daily work on board and the successful accomplishment of demanding technical projects.


    With this philosophy in mind Hendrik Gröne and Marc-Laurence Mühlenbeck founded MATE@SEA GmbH in Hamburg/Germany in December 2015.

    MATE@SEA focusses on the development and production of equipment solutions and lifting technologies that are operated on ships and mobile offshore units.

    MATE@SEA also serves as promoter of innovative ship and platform designs (e.g. Offshore Accommodations Vessels, Service Jack-up, Multipurpose Vessels) that are created by its parent company HeavyLift@Sea GmbH. In this case ship and platform designs meet modern equipment solutions in a smart way.

    The target of MATE@SEA is co-operating with the client and supporting the development of new markets. The supplied equipment will fulfill mission specific requirements and apply to different contexts and for different purposes. MATE@SEA strives to be of value by enabling the client to accomplish all his targets on an improved level of cost awareness.

    The founders bring extensive industry experience into the new company. Managing Director Hendrik Gröne worked as Chief Engineer at J. J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft GmbH and was responsible for designs of container ships, heavylift vessels as well as a wind park installation jack-up vessel. Following the bankruptcy of J. J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft GmbH Hendrik Gröne started his own engineering and design company named HeavyLift@Sea GmbH in 2012.

    Managing Director Marc-Laurence Mühlenbeck has 14 years of experience in the maritime industry. In his last position he was responsible for the successful development and growth of the TTS NMF Offshore Crane Department in Hamburg. MATE@SEA will take advantage of his world-wide established maritime network and market expertise.

    A first contract with a heavy lift shipping and transport company could already be signed during the start-up phase of the new company. MATE@SEA will supply modular spreaders of SWL 400t. The scope of supply comprises of modular spreaders and associated equipment such as ropes and grummets.

    In general these spreaders are used to ensure uniform weight distribution at different lengths. This is mandatory for safe lifting operations e.g. of turbines, yachts, harbor cranes, parts of wind mills or equipment of the oil & gas industry. Individual project engineering will take the optimal lifting beam requirements and parameters into account.

    The lifting equipment must ensure the necessary load capacity, lengths, handiness and suitability. A safe loading operation is only possible if optimal lifting beams and spreaders are used. Unfortunately, a number of existing Multipurpose Vessels are using old, bulky, oversized or inappropriate lifting equipment nowadays.

    MATE@SEA is supplying modern, modular spreaders up to SWL 400t for safe and individual heavy cargo handling. Lately, a SWL 350t modular spreader - titled MSB350-2.5-9.5-T - was tested according to the classification and construction rules VI-2-2 Loading Gear on Seagoing Ships and Offshore Installations and received DNV-GL marking. This modular spreader was developed by the parent company HeavyLift@Sea GmbH.

    Modular Spreader Beam MSB350-2.5-9.5-T
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    The SWL 350t modular spreader is variable in lengths. Each spreader part consists of a pair of end parts and trunnions, connecting the load and the crane. The modular spreader makes it possible to adapt the lengths according to your requirements. In this case lengths of 2.5m to 9.5m are possible. The rigging angle is specified between 45° and 90°.

    The assembly of the modular spreader is described in an instruction manual. For easy handling the modules are connected by clamps and screws. The clamps and screws can be installed manually due to its low weight.

    There are some advantages using modular spreaders: the lifting of different loads is possible with one spreader, easy assembly of the spreader parts, variable length, cost-effective since it can be used in different configurations and therefore minimizes the number of lifting beams and spreaders. Two modular spreader beams can be stowed in on transport frame and will therefore save space on board.

    MATE@SEA produces lifting beams and spreaders taking into account quality, price and location (to the shipyard/owner). In general MATE@SEA offers package solutions comprising of the lifting equipment and associated equipment such as ropes, grummets, pins or shackles.

    Hamburg, April 12th, 2016

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„A (Chief) Mate (C/M), usually also synonymous with the First Mate or First Officer, is a licensed member and head of the deck department of a merchant ship. The Mate is customarily a watchstander and is in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew. Informally, the (Chief) Mate will often simply be called MATE.“


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